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DigiPen Project (2010)

As part of a university project we developed two use case scenarios for a DigiPen (a digital pen knowing its position on a sheet of paper by recognizing a certain pattern).

Note: All texts that you hear or see in the videos and images are in German.

DigiPen Use Case Presentation: Navigation System

In this video the user interacts with a navigation system by tapping the pen on a printed road map. The pen recognizes the tapped position and sends this information in real-time via Bluetooth to the navigation system (in this case represented by the laptop running our own Google Maps implementation). Since each sheet has a unique pattern printed on it the destination is recognized precisely. A navigation route is created and an acoustical freedback is given to the user providing the name of the destination (Text-To-Speech) or giving further instructions.

navi-abbildung.png Navigation-Paper.png Navi-UI-Mockup.png

DigiPen Use Case Presentation: Car Dashboard Handbook

In this video the user interacts with the car dashboard settings by tapping the pen on the handbook/manual (in this case only one single sheet of paper) to change the settings as required. Since the pen is connected to the laptop (representing the car dashboard) via Bluetooth all actions are performed in real-time.

Bedienungsanleitung-Papier.png bedienungsanleitung-mockup.png

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